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Legal-Ease can help you with personal and family law matters including personal injury, divorce, custody, domestic violence, estate planning, custody matters, probate cases, employment issues, debt relief, consumer rights, identity theft, real estate and many other legal matters.

We champion consumer rights and handle all forms of product liability, lemon law, consumer fraud and civil rights.

Civil Matters

Where there is a dispute involving an individual or business, Legal-Ease will initially attempt a resolution by agreement with the opposing party and, where this does not prove effective, will pursue a lawsuit to bring about an outcome that results in a fair resolution to your problem.  Sometimes, cases can be resolved quickly through a negotiated agreement whereas other times, where legal action is required, significant amounts of information may need to be obtained from the other party in order to properly determine the facts.  In any scenario, Legal-Ease will increase your ability to obtain the best possible result.


When a person or a business is unable to meet financial obligations due to financial, medical or other circumstances, Legal-Ease will help determine if bankruptcy can offer relief.  Sometimes, bankruptcy can completely eliminate the debt that prevents you from moving forward and other times it can set up a system where you are able to repay your debt in a manner that is consistent with your income and ability.  There are many factors that determine the type and amount of debt that can be eliminated through bankruptcy that may be available to you.  In some cases bankruptcy may not even be the solution for you.  Whatever the case, Legal-Ease can help you explore avenues to provide relief from pressing and immediate financial obligations.


Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, Maine law requires certain performance as a result of your agreement concerning the rental of real property.  If you are a landlord, eviction can be tricky and must follow specific legal procedures in order to result in the proper removal of a tenant.  These procedures can differ depending on the reason for the eviction, such as causing damages to your property or failure to pay the rent on time.  Legal-Ease will ensure that you resolve your problem in the most efficient and timely manner possible, whether as a result of a property eviction notice or after trial.  If you are a tenant, you have certain rights that must be respected by your landlord.  Often, there are important issues that are overlooked during an attempted eviction that can result in unnecessary inconvenience and expense to the tenant.  Our attorneys will ensure that your tenant rights are protected and demand that your landlord abide by his or her responsibilities under Maine law.

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