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Injury Claims

If you have been injured, then the law may provide for compensation.  Our contingence fee rates starts as low as 25%.

In cases where you have suffered damages as a result of another’s negligence, Legal-Ease will explore your basis for compensation and legal action.  It is important from the start to identify the damages you have suffered.  These damages may include physical harm resulting from injury, medical bills, lost income and other financial losses, or other negative consequences to yourself or spouse.  Legal-Ease will pursue a fair settlement with the responsible party and, where necessary, will proceed with legal action in order to obtain the compensation you deserve.  Our attorneys will work to optimize the amount of compensation and minimize the complications during the process while you work to recover from your injuries and put your life back together.

Medical and Professional Negligence

When a medical professional, accountant, investment advisor or other professional injures you, we can help with making a professional negligence or malpractice claim.

Disability, Discrimination, Bullying, Cyber Bulying and Stalking Laws

If you or a loved one are suffering from a disability, harassment, bullying or stalking, we can help.

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